Welcome to the long drive world series

Long Drive is a competitive sport where success is determined by who hits the golf ball the farthest.
The world’s top long drive talent compete annually in professional competitions, exhibitions and international events.

It’s a true test of speed, power, and accuracy.

Combining the technology of Trackman and the adrenalin of Long Drive, we deliver an experience to captivate new audiences, both as an e-sport and at live events.

How to play

1. Click here to start your purchase

2. Enter your details

3. Choose your Trackman Location

4. Choose your Set of Balls

1 set of balls = £10 / 3 sets of balls = £25

5. You will receive an emailed Payment code

6. Book your bay and time with a Trackman Center

7. Take Payment code to your chosen location
and get set up with the Hit It game

8. To be included on the National Leaderboard
send a video or photo of your longest drives
along with your payment code
via WhatsApp on the dedicated LDWS account
07572 326388

Happy hitting!
The LDWS mens


Danny Wood, Body Swing Solution
380 Yards
Aaron Lennie, The Golf Hub
362 Yards
Josh Dixon, Mattishall Golf Academy
352 Yards
Rory 'The Monster' Peters, Body Swing Solution
336 Yards
Neil Tappin, Golf On Track
326 Yards
The LDWS Ladies


Ellie Brawn, Herts
214 Yards